Intro: An Evolution of the Soul

Hi, I’m Elle Marie & welcome to my blog.

I’ve created this blog as a public documentation of my musings on philosophy, religion and life in general. My posts are meant to be thought-provoking, concise and insightful. Some blog posts are bound to be less enlightening than others– perhaps some will be dominated by observations, others by critiques– but together they will paint a picture of my mental development.

I bear no claim to know it all and my statements are not absolute. Rather, my posts represent a particular stage in life. In this sense, I see this blog as a record of the “evolution of the soul,” my soul de facto, but it is my hope that yours too. I aspire to touch one or two others through my posts, and invite you to walk with me on this journey. On this note, I welcome comments, insights and questions from the sincere heart.

I’m excited for this journey, and I hope you’ll bookmark my page so we can ponder and enjoy life together.


Check out “Who is Elle Marie?” to read more about me.

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