To commit or not to commit?

Only commit if both your heart and head are in it.

Life is too short.

Time is too precious.

Your attention is too valuable.

to go down a path  you never cared to walk

to play a game you never wanted to play

to commit to what you never wanted to commit to


your heart can change

your intentions can change

your attentions will change

your life will change.

What doesn’t change, doesn’t grow. And that which is not growing, is dying… fading.

Should you adjust? Or stick to your original bias?


do I go down a path that, I never intended to go down, but that may in the end bring to my life an adventure and light I could not initially see?

do I play a game that I never wanted to play, but the end prize may do me good and be worth it?

do I commit to something that I didn’t initially intend to commit to, but in the end, could bring me more happiness than I ever could have imagined?

No one knows if at

the end of the path, game, commitment

your energy was well-placed.

No one knows the outcome.

There is no “better.”*

There are no two paths.

There’s only one.

There’s only now.


*Aside: You’ll never know if the game prize will leave you happier — better — than if you had never played the game in the first place. No one knows what going down that path may lead to or, if you had decided not to take that path, but to take another, if it would be any better. As my boyfriend says, “You can only make the best decision with the information you have now. There is no ‘wrong’ decision.” Even if you can look back and think, “I should have done this…”, there is no way you would have with the information you had.


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