A Quarter-Year Resolution: Accountability

Today, April 6th, I start a quarter-year resolution:   blog  every  day .


Because this produces three-fold accountability:

  1. Unlike writing in a journal, I risk discovery through my blog posts. I am thus accountable to my reader, who can judge me or disagree with me and express such distaste in the comments section. This risk, however slight, triggers me to write better and more thoughtfully.
  2. Writing, in the context of this blog, is a form of productive creative expression that allows me to engage in critical thinking and philosophical debate. As creativity, productivity, and critical thinking are all muscles I intend to continually develop, daily blog posts will keep me accountable to myself by continually engaging in thoughtful discussion.
  3. As with any art, practice makes perfect — however in writing, perfectionism is debilitating. Thus, posting every day encourages me to wrestle with my tendency to seek perfection.

2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters of 2017 — here I come.

What challenge/change are you undertaking?

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