17 Things I’m Doing in 2017

  1. Meal planning and meal prepping for all (4) meals during week
  2. Living the slow-carb lifestyle: cheat day once a week, limited and intentional exercise
  3. Morning “priming”: ice cold water, pull-ups, 5′ journal, 20′ meditation
  4. Have a vision and remind yourself of it: Write down specific goals and schedule time to revisit these goals on a routine basis (for me, it’s monthly)
  5. Set aside 1 day every month to only read and write
  6. Volunteer through Junior Achievement, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and/or other organizations
  7. Evening wind-down: apple cider vinegar water, ice neck, 5′ journal
  8. Be playful: organize friendly matches of football, soccer, or ultimate frisbee
  9. Be musical: hip hop and salsa classes
  10. Be daring: grow my yoga practice
  11. Blog every day
  12. Read 1 book (~300pp) every month
  13. Commit to growing my relationships by reaching out frequently and consistently
  14. Recognize resistance to change and ask, “What if I do the opposite?”
  15. Ask for what I want
  16. 21-day no complaint challenge
  17. Save or invest 70% of my income

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