What is sacred?

What does it mean to be sacred?

To me, sacred is anything I would not risk offending — something I would not dare to trespass or violate.

The most obvious example is a human life. More complex are the lives of other living species (consider the reason that life is being taken or sacrificed).

Bringing this down to the mundane, for me, mornings are sacred. Every workday, I follow a routine to practice gratuity, mindfulness, and stillness. On the weekends, I hold my “lazy” mornings sacredAside from a simple, quick, yet full breakfast, I insist on leaving any intense work (cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.) until after 11am unless absolutely necessary. There is nothing so important, it cannot wait a few hours. In this way, I keep my mornings open and allow my body and soul time to restore.

Also sacred is the time that I exercise my body and push it to its limits. It is a time of acknowledging my own strength and of appreciating being mentally and physically capable.

These are things that are important to me; if trespassed, I am not happy.

According to Merriam, sacred means “dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity.” In a sense, that fits with the dialogue; in a way, these practices that I consider sacred keep me at peace with God (e.g., my morning routines) and acknowledge the abilities He has given me (e.g. my workouts).

What is sacred to you?

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