Our one nonrenewable resource

“The meaning of life is to enjoy the passing of time.”

Time is our one truly nonrenewable resource. Even fossil fuel reserves are replenished with millennia and pressure. Unless you believe in reincarnation, your life’s time is limited.

What are you doing with your time? Are you enjoying it?

I’ve made a point to ask myself this question more often: in work, in relationships, in anything I consider doing.

Some of us will say, “Yes, without a doubt.” Others will say, “No, actually.” Most of us are somewhere in between: sacrificing part of our life’s time to enjoy the other.

Is this ok?    Who’s to say. I guess.

Should I be enjoying every minute of my time?    Probably not, areas of discomfort are important for growth.

So it is ok?    …

I like to set aside time for periodic reviews to reflect on the past quarter/month/week and ask, “Have I enjoyed the passing of my life’s time?”

So, are you enjoying the passing of your life’s time?

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