Don’t Miss the Trees for the Forest

We can often be so in awe of something that we miss the details.

I often marvel at the expansive park outside my window in my concrete jungle of a city. It goes on for miles with walking trails and biking trails, open and forested spaces, manicured and wild, grandiose trees that have been growing for ages and pristine gardens with everything planted in rows. Often, I forget to notice

the different shades of the trees,

the different shapes of their leaves,

the sound of their rustling by the wind.

Noticing the details makes me even more happy. When I notice the details, I see the magic behind every little thing, and I can appreciate the whole even more. When I notice the details, I dig deeper and grow my perspective higher.

Tall trees are majestic for more than just their size. There are countless subtle processes that persist on a micro-scale, and this is true on even the smallest of trees.

Be in awe of the small stuff, too.

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