Stay the course

This week, I found myself distracted by someone else’s path. I was envious of the journey that their personal values and priorities have taken them on, and envious of the choices their values and priorities have led them to make.

Why can’t I be doing that?

Shouldn’t I be doing that?

I _[insert something that you want or can do]_ too!

But I have my own values and priorities, and they take me on a different route — no better, no worse… but maybe better for me.

If we let ourselves be distracted by anothers’ choices, if we are envious and it makes us doubt our own, we will never get to where we truly want to go. We will end up diverted from our original path — the one that is tailored for me — on a detour, a wild goose chase that postpones my satisfaction, because what ultimately makes me happy isn’t on their path. It’s on mine.

Recognize that your path is tailored to you. And your path will always make you happier.



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