Effort & Ease

Dream big and work hard to get there

effort & ease

Strive to break with bad habits, and adopt new ones that better serve you

effort & ease

Call out your shortcomings, so you can/will fix them

effort & ease



The intensity demanded by ambition and far-reaching goals often undermines our desire for a life filled with tranquility, gratitude, and peace. Balancing these two is a routine challenge for me.

In yoga and in other physical exercises, I must err on the side of caution, lest I get too ambitious and injure myself. (Threatening to take me out of the game for months at a time is a sure way to make sure I tone down the intensity.) We all face a similar threat of burnout in other facets of our lives.

The key? To check yourself every step of the way.

Don’t scale down your dreams because you fear being overly ambitious. The only thing that should keep you from taking a step forward is your decision. Is that step worth it to you? Does that step align with your values? Are you living a life of integrity — aligned with your principles, values, and priorities?

Wherever you are in life, seek peace. What’s the point balanced between effort and ease? Picture it in detail, then create it for yourself. That is where you will find sustainable growth.




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