I have to constantly remind myself to stay the course.

I get distracted too easily, with good reason. Every other person my age ceaselessly commands attention through Instagram posts and Snapchat stories with the very intent to get you to think, “How cool! Look at what they’re doing!” and maybe spark a little envy for their micro-celebrity lives. If their stories don’t show them out & about, chances are they’re running the rat race, working insane hours to be successful and prove their worth in the corporate world.

If not my peers, my elders are happy to opine on how things should be done and what the best path forward is.

So, should I quit my job and work at a bakery? Should I slave away 80hrs to make it in corporate America? Should I keep a stable 9-to-5 to subsidize the activities I actually do enjoy on the weekends and maybe some weeknights?

They don’t know. Only you do.

Focus on your answers to those core questions — what matters most to you? what are your values? —  lest you’ll get distracted.

Focus on your end goal, and recognize their paths won’t get you there.


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