On integrity (Put your money where your mouth is!)

in•te•gri•ty  the state of being whole and undivided. Synonyms: unity, coherence, solidarity

I’ve been working on building integrity into all aspects of my life. The concept is pure and simple: know what matters to you, and let this be your guiding principle for making decisions.

Slowly and surely, I have recognized that there is no facet of life where integrity is irrelevant.

Going out to eat? What restaurants most align with your values? If you highly value sustainability and healthy living, let your decision be guided by that. If instead you value low cost or comfort or a new experience, let your decision be guided by whichever your value most.

Investing? What companies most align with your values? How highly do you hold sustainable or responsible practices? Are you most concerned with profits?

Pressed for time? Prioritize your activities. Keep a time diary to track how you actually spend your time. Are you spending time on what matters most to you?

Whatever your values may be, recognize them and allow these to guide your decisions. Aligning your actions with your own values, putting your money where your mouth is, creates rest. Your mind will be at ease when your decision stems from a place of truth for you.

Let integrity be the guiding principle of your life.

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