We think, naively and optimistically, that we have all this time; and we don’t. Time goes by quickly,* if you haven’t noticed.

You have one life and no guarantee of doing it over. You are 23,24,25… only once.

So do what you’ve always wanted to do. Set your sights on something BIG. Make a bucket list and go for it.

What have you always wanted to do? And why aren’t you doing it?

Act now. Act with mindfulness. And act with consideration.

Be kind. Be courteous. And don’t burn bridges.

Appreciate those around you. And appreciate where you are.

Set your goals. Map out how to get there. And enjoy the process.

But, by god, do it.


*Not to say that we don’t have enough time.

Inspired after reading Replay, a novel by Ken Grimwood on time-travel.

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