Sticky Peanut Butter

Sometimes we dawdle, perhaps even frequently. We aren’t sure of our next step. The conditions aren’t perfect. The timing just isn’t right. We tell ourselves, “I don’t know what to do,” and so, we do nothing.

These feelings can leave us in a state of paralysis. We avoid change because we’re scared to choose wrong.

But you won’t know wrong until you see it, until you’re there. And once you are, if you see a modification that needs to be made, you’ll make it. Inaction because of paralysis is limiting. Mapping out the perfect path is inefficient. There is no best. The path you choose is the only path.

Momentum is inherently contagious and peanut butter is sticky.

Choose action over inaction. Choose to move rather than to give into inertia. Movement will propel you, even if it includes a step back before you can take two steps forward.

And sometimes staying is exactly what you need.

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