On Gift-Giving and Living Generously

For me, the best sort of giving comes from living a full life.

Not from needing to give gifts because of the season.

But from my cup being so full, it runneth over.

I’d like to think the gift-giving tradition of this season started this way.

First came the cheer, the merry-making, and from that, naturally, the gift-giving.

From being so joyous and inherently grateful that all you want to do is give unto others.

There’s nothing you need, and nothing you want, and so you spend your time being merry and generous.

This, to me, is living generously, and it’s much more enjoyable than needing to give gifts.


This will be my practice this gift-giving season.

Because no one in my life really needs anything.

We’ll see how they like it!

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