How do you know?

We seem to think knowing is an external epiphany granted by the gods, a deus ex machina, a burning bush.

I disagree.

I don’t ever know anything for certain. I choose to know.

Choosing to know is knowing.

You choose the experience you want to create,

And once you’ve created the experience, you know.

It’s self-reinforcing.  (Like overcoming an imposter syndrome.)

So how do you know you are choosing well?

You set the intention first.

You first set the intention to choose well,

And then you go.

With your intention set you’ll know

That every choice you make is the best

Not for the best, simply the best choice

You or anyone in your shoes could make.

What have you been doubting because you just don’t know?

What would you need to know?

What are you not allowing yourself to experience?

What do you need to give up in order to know?

What if you did know?

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