Ten Year Plan for a Remarkable Life

Today, I’m sharing the prompt for an exercise that will define and transform your life:

What does your life look like in ten years? In detail, write about your day ten years from today. If you could do anything you wanted – no rules, no obligations, no should’s – what would your most remarkable life look like exactly ten years from today? Write about your whole day, from the time you awake to the time you go to bed, in as much detail as you can. Where are you? What kind of clothes are you wearing? What are you thinking about? Who are you with?

Make time for yourself to complete this exercise and then come back to it every few months. (I read mine quarterly.) Notice how visualizing and writing down your dream shifts your perspective both now and every time you revisit it.

Inspired by: Debbie Millman. You can listen to her talk about the exercise on this podcast [1:33].

On Gift-Giving and Living Generously

For me, the best sort of giving comes from living a full life.

Not from needing to give gifts because of the season.

But from my cup being so full, it runneth over.

I’d like to think the gift-giving tradition of this season started this way.

First came the cheer, the merry-making, and from that, naturally, the gift-giving.

From being so joyous and inherently grateful that all you want to do is give unto others.

There’s nothing you need, and nothing you want, and so you spend your time being merry and generous.

This, to me, is living generously, and it’s much more enjoyable than needing to give gifts.


This will be my practice this gift-giving season.

Because no one in my life really needs anything.

We’ll see how they like it!

The Happy State

When I’m happy, I’m free, fun and sweet

I make light of the challenges around me, and

I make light of other people, too


When I’m happy, I’m free to move around

and dance like nobody’s watching, even if they are


When I’m happy annoyances and anger don’t cling

They fade because it’s not really worth it


When I’m happy I am connected to my purpose

Whether at work (to build a clean energy grid)

Or outside  of work (to simply enjoy the passing of time)


When I’m happy I am connected to others

I see myself in them and them in me

I see their struggles, and I see their dreams


The happy state is an elevated state

And it should be our most frequented state

We perform best when we are happy